Alt for damerne

We write for women who are interested in trends in society while also caring about the things close to home: food, interior design, fashion, health and beauty. Our readers and followers know us as the little treat in an otherwise busy life and a marker in the debate about body ideals and view on women.


ALT for damerne promotes constructive feminism where we deal with both sisterhood and women quotas.

• We promote women who swim against the tide and speak out loud.

• We have adopted a retouch policy where we do not smooth out wrinkles or remove excess fat.

• We commit to changing the view of women’s bodies by showing it in all sizes, ages and colours.


ALT for damerne loves fashion, interior design, food, health and beauty and our specialist editors spearhead conscious and credible communication of the newest trends.

Our readers and followers trust the magazine as a trendsetter that always promotes good taste and high quality.