Increase awareness of Uniqlo's new Hybrid Down Parka, inspired by international snowboarder Ayumu Hirano.

Uniqlo wanted to create trustworthy local content - with a focus on quality and aesthetics.


We found 3 types of men through Unique Social, with different backgrounds and diversity within creativity, sports and fashion. Here the storytelling is told through a visually strong universe - In a combination of video and stills to show the audience how the Parka is part of their everyday situations.


The campaign is a co-creation in collaboration with Euroman, which has produced and published the content through euroman.dk and euroman SoMe channels. 

In addition, the 3 influencers themselves have posted the content on their instagram channels.


Virgil Nicholas

Frederik Lentz Andersen

Anders Rømer



12 instagram posts

16 instagram stories

Total posts: 28


Total reach: 189.567

Total impressions: 238.989