Ysl Beauty


Increase audience engagement in a fashion context. 


A combined  event og influencer campaign during Copenhagen Fashionweek.

See casevideo.


KPI's,Instagram posts

#yslbeauty 100%

#paid = 79%

@yslbeauty = 88%

Brandname visable = 96%


Instagram stories have contributed with 88% of earned value. 

This is due to the amount of non-paid stories, which has been the main media for non-paid influencers. 

Non-paid has contributed with 70% of earned value and is the main factor for the good results. 

However, the paid posts have driven the non-paid earned value with 2,4 times of paid earned value.


Total earned value is 80% higher than total costs.  

When paid content has produced 100 kr earned value, Non-paid has produced 240 kr earned value. That is an increase of 140%